What’s dirtier than your keyboard? Not much

Your computer keyboard may look benign, but it’s actually an excellent medium for growing bacteria. Yep, it connects you to the word and a load of infectious diseases.

Dirtier than a toilet seat, bathroom door handle or the bottom of a purse, the average computer can harbor more than 7500 strains of bacteria. Some of them are real killers.

In a study at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, researchers found two lethal, drug-resistant bacteria that survived for up to 24 hours on a keyboard.

If you were laid low by the flu this year, chances are you go that bug from touching a keyboard. According to The Centers for Disease Control, 80% of flu virus is transferred by hands and touch.

Unwashed hands are one way deadly bacteria can end up on your keyboard, but the major cause is eating at your desk. As you munch on your PB&J, crumbs fall into the nooks and crannies between the keys. It’s nice and toasty down there, add some moisture trapping dust, and you have prime bacteria real estate.

No worries. you can evict freeloading bacteria by cleaning your keyboard. Flip it over and shake out the crumbs. Blow the dust from between the keys with alcohol on a cotton ball. Another option is a dishwasher-safe keyboard from Seal Shield. At the Greenhouse, we use bacteria destroying UV light wand. However you can clean your keyboard, you’ll be healthier for it.