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Change at Greenhouse Coworking

Raul Ceja, The Community Coordinator at Greenhouse Coworking, will be leaving to join The Hispanic Foundation of Silicon Valley. Raul will serve as the Foundation’s new Marketing and Communications Manager. It seems like yesterday, Raul joined CMAP/Greenhouse Coworking as they lunched the coworking endeavor in downtown Gilroy. With his sleeves rolled up, he worked to […]

Is Your Brain Thirsty?

If your brain had a tongue, it would be hanging out when you awake in the morning. After 7-8 hours without water, your brain could use a drink. Your brain is about 75% water. A recent study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found even a slight degree of dehydration compromises your memory, […]

What’s dirtier than your keyboard? Not much

Your computer keyboard may look benign, but it’s actually an excellent medium for growing bacteria. Yep, it connects you to the word and a load of infectious diseases. Dirtier than a toilet seat, bathroom door handle or the bottom of a purse, the average computer can harbor more than 7500 strains of bacteria. Some of […]

Furnished Private Office Available

At Greenhouse Coworking, you can have an office with your name on the door. Our (10×11) private office comes equipped with two desks, two chairs, two file cabinets, one Ethernet drop-down and WiFi (150 Mbps). A full-time private office allows up to six hours of conference room time. Greenhouse Coworking is available to our members 24/7. […]